Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stories From Sapphire Cay

Sapphire Cay is a fictional island in the Bahamas.

The series charts the loves and lives of the men of Sapphire Cay - the workaholic, the wedding planner, the soldier, the physicist, the model, and more. Their stories are ones of romance and drama.

Follow The Sun, the first book in the series, was released this weekend and is
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Lucas Madison is in the Bahamas for his sister's wedding on the beautiful and idyllic island of Sapphire Cay.

He has the weight of the world on his shoulders. With the stress of his job, the loss of his friend, and faced with his own medical crisis, Lucas arrives on the white sands of Sapphire Cay gray and exhausted. His only thought is to see his sister married and happy.

Dylan Gray is a free-spirited traveler who literally follows the sun. Never settling in one place for long, he earns his way from state to state and continent to continent. But there's something about Sapphire Cay that draws him back over and over. A feeling of home.

When these two men meet, both have decisions to make and directions to choose. And maybe together, they can make the right ones and follow not only the sun, but also their hearts.


My Perfect Place

Sapphire Cay was the perfect place of calm and beauty for Dylan and then for Lucas - a place to relax and think. As much as we'd all love to run away to an island in the Bahamas for some R & R, we often find our own places or ways to relax.

For me, there are a couple of places I love. I love the sea, and though I don't live on a tropical island, I enjoy any and every opportunity to get to the coast. Living in the middle of the country it doesn't happen as much as I'd like, but there is something exquisite about sitting on the promenade or on the sand and looking out across the big, beautiful space. The air is fresh and the breeze and spray calming. It's perfect.

Now, I can't go running to the seaside on a whim so my other perfect place is actually my bed. Not quite as exotic, I know, but you can't beat snuggling up in a cool, squishy duvet and t's even better with the early morning light shining through an open blind. It's nice to just lie there and collect my thoughts. I love my bed.

Do you have a perfect place? Or somewhere you go to think?