Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Fallout (HA1710 #4), available for pre-order

The last few weeks you have been treated to releases from RJ Scott (Retrograde), Sara York (Velocity) and Clare London (Flashbulb), the first three books in the series Flight HA1710.

The series has 6 books, and though the stories themselves are standalone, they are linked by the events surrounding a plane crash, and how that affects the various people involved.

Fallout is the 4th book to be released, and is now available for pre-order at Amazon, AmazonUK, and ARe, and due on general sale at the end of the week.



Can missing a fatal flight be the wake up call Harrison needs?

When Harrison Kelley is banned from getting on Flight HA1710, it seems to be the perfect ending to a crappy couple of days. Not only did he wreck a wedding, but he’s drunk way too much and been on the receiving end of the groom’s brother’s fists. Being escorted out of the airport by security was just the icing on the wedding cake.

Elijah Pettifer has lusted after Harrison from afar for years but Harrison never sees him as anything more than a friend. If he ever saw him at all. While attempting to defend what little honor Harrison has left, Elijah gets caught up in the wave of chaos surrounding his teenage crush. But missing his flight home because of Harrison’s mess might just be the luckiest thing to ever happen to him.
With a 24-hour ban imposed by the airport, and having only each other for company, the two men grow closer. But will the fate of the airplane they should have been on be the push Harrison needs to walk away from the toxic relationship of his past? And can Elijah make Harrison see exactly what he’s been missing out on because of it?



5/5 stars ~ "Sweet, rough, stupid, romantic. These are the words that come to mind when thinking Elijah and Harrison. Thing is, I realize I want more of them so want more of their story in the future. That need to know more is what makes them my fave couple so far...." ~ Multitaskingmomma

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Available now for pre order - Sex And Cocktails

My novella, Sex and Cocktails is now available to pre order here at Totally Bound.

It will be available on:
Early download - 30th June
General release - 28th July
Cocktails make a one-night stand seem like a good idea, but Daniel and Ty discover one night is harder to walk away from than they think.

Daniel Rawlings is happy with his nine-to-five life in Chicago. He has an office job, a mortgage and he’s about to turn thirty. He’s happy—or so he thinks. During the last night of a sun-filled vacation in Miami, he meets wild-haired, free-spirited Ty. With the help of some summery cocktails, Daniel and Ty embark on a passionate one-night stand, though neither man really wants it to be just one night.

The thousand miles between cities may make their relationship harder than either man could have imagined. When Ty visits Daniel in Chicago, they grow closer, and Daniel realizes the two of them could be so much more than just the sex and cocktails of Miami. As their time together draws to a close once again, Daniel and Ty have a decision to make. Is what they have when they're together worth the heartache of saying goodbye over and over again?

Note: this book was previously published elsewhere, but has been re-edited and additional content added