Thursday, 2 April 2015

Cover Reveal: Sex and Cocktails (rerelease)

Sex and Cocktails has found a new home with Totally Bound and will be (re)released this July with a shiny new cover.

The book was originally released with Silver Publishing in July 2012 and was my first ever published book. Along with the new cover, the word count has been added to with roughly 3000 words, adding a little more 'heat' to the novella.


Daniel Rawlings is happy with his nine-to-five life in Chicago. He has an office job, a mortgage, and he's about to turn thirty. He's happy, or so he thought. During the last night of a sun-filled vacation in Miami, he meets wild-haired, free-spirited Ty. With the help of some summery cocktails, Daniel and Ty embark on a passionate one night stand, though neither man really wants it to be just one night.

With a thousand miles between cities, it may be harder than either man could have imagined. In the end, Daniel and Ty have a decision to make: Is what they have when they're together worth the heartache of saying goodbye over and over again?