Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Book Cover Designs

Christmas covers for Lisa Worrall's upcoming releases.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Left At The Crossroads - Promo Art Work

Promo art for Sue Brown and Lisa Worrall's new series, Left At The Crossroads - coming 2013.
See my art page for resource credits.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Just Five Minutes (#2 in the 100 Challenge)

100 words for the 100 Challenge.

Hold your breath. Count to ten. 

Would that work? Quell the anger rearing in his gut? Stop the sting behind his red-ringed eyes? 

He hadn't meant to cry. He was a grown man. He didn't do shit like that. But his emotions had betrayed him and now he needed a damn tissue. Actually, no. He didn't need a tissue, he needed a baseball bat and five minutes with Chase Winters and his adulterous dick.

A smile crept across his lips as he bent down and reached beneath his bed, circling his hand around the solid wooden bat.

Just five minutes.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wandmaker #7

As part of Amber Kells' Birthday bash, here is part 7 of her blog story, Wandmaker.
For previous parts of the story check out her blog here
Also I'm over on her blog talking about my favourite birthday (so far hee) here

Wandmaker #7

Silvan looked down at the gorgeous wand maker and resisted the urge to pin the man to the wall until he changed his mind about ever going away. He might be the crown prince but he didn’t have the right to tell Cebrus what to do even if the man’s quest sounded incredibly dangerous.

It was one of those rare quests where achieving the quest would cause more issues than failing. If the pretty wand maker succeeded in finding wood everyone else thought long gone and could indeed form wands for wand makers he might be considered a danger to the kingdom. 

A group of people who could not only form their own wands but use them could be formidable if they took the opposite side in a battle. Most people didn’t understand much about magic. Wandmakers not only understood magic but they could transfer it from wand to wand. Visions of someone transferring everyone’s magic to their own wand sent chills down Silvan’s spine.

There could only be one way to make sure this event didn’t occur.

“I’d love to accompany you on your quest,” Silvan said. He stroked a hand down Cebrus’s arm. He could feel the electrical attraction between them.

Cebrus stepped away from Silvan’s touch.

“I don’t need anyone accompanying me. Don’t you have important princey business to conduct?”

Silvan couldn’t stop the smile spreading cross he face. The wandmaker was too damn adorable. He wanted to take Cebrus and tuck him in his pocket so he could have the sweet thing around all the time.

Too bad Cebrus was going to damage the proper way of magic as they knew it.

“My father is always saying I need to go around the kingdom and get to know the people.”

Cebrus laughed. “I’m not from your kingdom.”

“Then you can add to my knowledge of other parts of the world.” Silvan couldn’t let this man out of his reach. Even if it weren’t for the fact that Cebrus appealed to Silvan far more than anyone he’d ever met before. His father would kill Silvan if he let Cebrus wander off without making an effort. If Cebrus continued on his quest without Silvan he would follow. He had to. Cebrus’s quest could ruin them all if he were successful.

Anyone else he’d imprison for such ideas but Cebrus was right about one thing. To jail a wand maker would bring down a lot more trouble than one kingdom could handle.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Stories from Sapphire Cay

Work is continuing on the series. Chapter 1 of the second book, Under The Sun has just been completed. RJ and I are really looking forward to expanding on the world of Sapphire Cay and sharing our new characters with you while also revisiting our original men, Lucas and Dylan.

Keep up to date by visiting the website for the series...