Thursday, 16 February 2017

Making Progress

I can't believe I let two weeks slip by without making a post. I've been busy finishing up some art work for people and also started back writing.

I've settled on working on the sequel to Dead Things. I had to put the story aside for a long time as my head was in a dark place for quite a while. The darkness of a zombie apocalypse and Devin and Noah's world sadly wasn't where I wanted or needed to be. But I'm feeling stronger and more positive right now, so ready to try tackling the story again. I've already added just over 3000 words taking the story up to 51K and I've made myself a rough plan of where the story needs to go and covers about 6 more chapters.

This book has been a long time coming and I hope for people who enjoyed the first Dead Things story, once I'm finally done they don't feel disappointed. I love Devin and Noah so hope I do justice to the next stage in their story.

I'm excited to be writing again and am grateful for everyone's support these last few years. Thank you.