Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Magic Mike - Review

Oh, Magic Mike, I love you this much *wafts arms around really, really far apart*

Okay, I admit it, the only reason I was interested in this film was for the stripping. There, I feel so much better making that confession. But then I saw it...
In all honesty, I was a little bit behind in discovering the joy that is Magic Mike. Hanging out on facebook, I eventually found on my feed picture after picture teasing this film was on its way. I have to say, I didn't really look into it much. I found out who was in it and was instantly liking the idea of Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Adam Rodriguez and Matt Bomer whipping off velcroed pants and strutting their stuff. From trailers and peoples snippetts of comments after the films release, I gathered there was a bit of a romance story and some people thought it was quite funny. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised at the little gem of a film I was faced with.

First up, there was actually a plot. The guy selling me my cinema ticket even told me there was a plot (much to his relief as he was taken to see it by his girlfriend who wouldn't return the favour and go and see Spiderman with him) Anyway, I digress. So, drink, popcorn, find my seat, watch a hilarious trailer for The Watch (I so need to see this film lol) and there it was, Magic Mike *cheers*. The story that unfolded was actually really good. Yes, there was stripping, but the story wrapped around all that was really quite lovely.

Now some of you may have heard of a cute little film called Shelter. Magic Mike (though not a gay-themed film) just had the same kind of style and feel about it. It wasn't a quick film and yet I was completely interested in jumping on board and seeing where it went. The dialogue was, so I've heard now, improvised in some scenes, and I can see that and it just added a little charm and a cute awkwardness between Mike and Paige (Pettyfer's character's sister). There were some sweet and funny moments, some sexy moments, and some solid drama and angstin'. The acting was really good- or at least in my opinion it was. Characters evolved, some for the better, some not so much. It was a journey for both Mike and Adam, and it was interesting to see the change in them both.

Along with the acting was of course the stripping. Wow, Channing has some moves, as did the other guys. In an interview I heard that he was actually a stripper, boy he must have been a crowd pleaser. All that girating and spinning made me a very happy lady. I was impressed with them all, all sexy in there own way. OK so not all my type *points at Tarzan* but they played to their roles perfectly. Which brings me to Matthew McConaughey, oh dear lordy, his character was just so awesome. I'm not sure I could imagine anyone else fitting the role. He was pretty awesome- loud, brash, twisted and fun.

Overall, I just totally adored this film. Obviously, opinions are subjective. But to me, it was a lovely little story with the added bonus of half-naked men prancing around. And if there is ever a sequel I'm definately supporting this ...

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  1. Awesome Review! Wants to see.... sooooooooooooooooo bad...