Friday, 5 September 2014

UK Meet September 2015 Registration

The UK Meet is back for 2015 and registration is open

I went this year and thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if I was a little shy (I really am very shy). But it was great to meet new people, hear from various speakers and have a look what other people were doing. I'm still pretty new to all this so it was scary and exciting all rolled up in one, throw in some naked butlers and well, it was actually a brilliant experience.

I never got round to posting any photos of the event, so here to celebrate the return to Bristol, are a few shots of the lovely people I met.

RJ Scott and Violet Joicey-Cowen
Liam Livings and RJ Scott
Sam Higson
Max Vos and KC Wells

Lisa Worrall
Me and Lauren Lewis

Me and KC Wells, Sue Brown and Max Vos

Me and TJ Masters, Lisa Worrall and Jay Northcote
Me and the entertainment: naked butlers and Eddie.