Sunday, 22 December 2013

"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

It certainly is and something else wonderful is the free Christmas anthology being offered by RJ Scott and Love Lane Books.

Christmas Delights comprises of 21 short stories based around Christmas and the winter season written by a mix of new and established authors.

My story is Spiced Apple and Cinnamon, a brief snapshot set on Christmas Day morning.

Blurb: It's Christmas morning but Keegan can't bring himself to enjoy the day. Not just yet. Not until Alex is home and safe and in his arms and they can celebrate the day together.

The story was inspired by a scene from a commercial I saw on TV. I don't remember what it was selling, but was of a woman sitting on a window seat and she is wrapped in a large woollen jumpy, the sleeves over her hands. I just thought it was sweet and from there Keegan was born, sitting in the window waiting for his lover to return home.

Download Christmas Delights now from - 
Love Lane Books | All Romance ebooks
Also head over to RJ's blog to take part in today's competition.

Merry Christmas xx

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