Sunday, 8 December 2013

QTA Christmas Blog Hop

I'm joining Queer Town Abbey for the Queer Town Abbey Christmas Blog Hop!

The hop runs Dec 8th 12:00 am EST through 13th 11:59 pm EST and there are lots of prizes to be won on the main post and some of the blogs taking part.

Find a list of those involved here:

What does Christmas mean to me?

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. I love wrapping gifts and sending out cards and decorating the house. It's always a time to catch up with friends with Christmas get-togethers and most importantly, it's a time for family. I enjoy getting to sit down and just spend time with people even if it's just lazing around in front of the TV after one too many roast potatoes. Family is very important to me and in recent years I've come to realise you have to enjoy these kinds of moments and make each year more special than the last. Christmas is about love and being able to share that with those dearest to you.

My favourite Christmas Cookies.

I'm not much for baking though I wish I was as I love the smell of warm cakes or cookies in the oven. At this time of year, something that makes me think of Christmas is a Terry's Chocolate Orange. Every year my nan used to get me, my brother and my dad a chocolate orange for Christmas when we went round on Boxing Day. The best bit had to be the idea of opening a Chocolate Orange by 'Tap and Unwrap'. Tap? Yeah right. We used to throw it at the floor a few times to manage to separate the chocolate segments lol

So, for me, I'm going to say that chocolate and orange cookies is the way to go at Christmas. Partly for the memories and partly because it tastes bloody gorgeous :)

Enter the QTA Giveaway.

My question is: To open a Chocolate Orange you are told to 'Tap and ...' what?

Go to and use the answer to enter the giveaway on the main post. You can also find a list of prizes and other blogs taking part to have a chance of further entries.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I never heard of a chocolate orange. I shall be looking for one.

  2. I like Debby I have never heard of one of these before either. Interesting!!!

  3. Me neither. I have had orange slices dipped in chocolate, both real oranges and the gummy ones and they are yummy.

  4. Hi Meredith,

    I want to send a personal thank you for your participation in the xmas blog hop 2013. Thanks to you the Christmas Blog Hop was a great success.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends a very happy holiday and joyful New Year 2014

    All the best,

    Founder/Administrations Manager
    Queer Town Abbey