Friday, 4 April 2014

Going forward - My Writing.

What does the rest of 2014 have in store?

Well, let me tell you :)

In order...

1. Currently, I am working on Alter Ego. The book is set in England, in a village based on where my grandparents lived as I was growing up. It is the first in a series of romance/dramas and I look forward to sharing these men's stories with you all. The first characters you'll meet are James and Danny and I hope you will love them as much as I do.

2. Also this month, RJ Scott and I will be starting work on our fifth Sapphire Cay book - Capture the Sun. Expect more romance, sun, sea, and drama.

Following those, I have two books to edit/rework.

Let's rewind to Summer 2012. *wibbly flashback lines* I'd just had my first releases with Silver Publishing and the future was full of promise, wonderment, and exciting things.

Most of you are aware of the situation faced by authors at Silver for the last... wow, I don't even know when it all began, it feels like it's always been there just looming off camera. I'm not speaking for other authors or their situations. I made my decisions about what I was going to do so I could keep moving forward and have releases with new-to-me publishers in this last year, Totally Bound and Extasy. As things are changing at Silver, my books have been removed from sale and I've now had my rights returned to me for Sex and Cocktails and Dead Things.

3. Sex and Cocktails - originally this was written for a summer short story call. With that in mind, the story was written from a single POV. So my plan is to expand the story and hear more from Ty before republishing.

4. Dead Things - until I reread it I'm not sure how much work I intend to do on it. I know there are things I want to add in or alter slightly but I have always been pretty happy with what I had as a story, so certainly nothing too crazy will be changed before republishing.

5. Dead Things 2 - yep, that's right. With the rights back in my hands I am planning on finally getting round to sorting out a sequel. I've always wanted to but with things how they were it was never going to happen until the story and its world were mine again. And now they are. Expect more Devin and Noah, new survivors, and more zombie gore.

6. The Ugly Wolf - Well, we've had the Good and the Bad so I couldn't back out now :) This will be the last book in the trilogy featuring Dr Oliver Anderson who made an appearance in The Bad Wolf. His story has a different feel to it, not so violent and bloody, dare I say gentler? Guess we'll see later this year when I get stuck in.

7. There will be a seven eventually but I should probably see how I get on with the above first and where that takes me up to this year. :)

So, there you have it. Those are my current writing plans, along with the odd piece of cover art for my lovely authors, for 2014. It's going to be a good one.

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