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Christmas Blog Story

The second part in my Christmas blog story set on Christmas Eve night, around one building, twelve characters, and six relationships - some lovers, some friends, and some family.

Thank you to everyone who read the first half of Jamie and Sophie's story in Santa Baby. The competition to win a toasty treat is still open until the weekend. Now read the second part, Red.

Parts 1 and 2 - Jamie and Sophie

"Good evening, Mr Swanson, Miss Parker."

Sophie Malloy chewed on the edge of her fingernail and watched Jamie greet the two residents. The man looked in his sixties, wrapped in a warm winter coat, and had a small dog tucked under his arm. The poor animal shivered as it nuzzled its head under Mr Swanson's chin. The woman with him, Sophie guessed she was under thirty, exotic and her perfect dark skin held a beautiful glow as she tucked her black curls behind her ears.

Sighing, Sophie leaned back in the leather swivel chair and gently tugged her coat down to cover her thighs as best she could. When she'd left the house, she had felt sexy, excited, and definitely a little naughty. But now, all she felt was embarrassed. She joined Jamie in politely acknowledging the two people, watching as they headed toward the elevators.

"Sorry," Jamie said as he looked down at her.

Sophie shrugged. This whole fantasy had seemed a good idea at the time. "It's fine," she said and pushed at the polished floor with her feet, spinning the chair around as she closed her eyes.

"Hey," Jamie said as he caught the arms of the chair and stopped it.

Opening her eyes, Sophie looked up and pressed her mouth into a pout as she met his hazel eyes. She loved his eyes. She loved him. If only her friends could come to accept it too. They were together and in love. Trying to shake away the rearing doubt, she reached out and wrapped her hand around his tie. "I just wanted…" What the hell had she wanted? A little fun? Some company? To prove something? 

Jamie leaned forward and kissed her. "What?" he asked.

To convince myself the eleven years don't matter. She was thirty-six and he was twenty-five and sometimes she felt it. She felt old. "I don't know," she said as she lifted her leg. Pulling him close, she pressed her lips to his and gently teased his mouth open with her tongue. This was what she had wanted. To be close to Jamie. Slowly, she raised her foot between his legs, stopping as she reached his thigh. Carefully, she edged higher and applied pressure in the space. As she arched up her knee, she felt the hard evidence of attraction in the front of his pants. Her lips curled into a playful smile as her doubts were chased away. He wanted her just as badly as she wanted him.

Raised voices and the yap of Mr Swanson's dog were heard from by the elevators and surprised, Jamie pulled back.

"What's going on?" Sophie asked and leaned forward in her seat. Two men had stepped out of the elevator. Both looked flustered, but one more so as he stopped the elevator door from closing. Mr Swanson's dog barked at the held elevator as the man frantically patted at his pockets.

Jamie straightened up and stepped out from behind the desk. Walking toward the group, he asked, "Is everything okay?"
An exciting spark passed through Sophie's body. Jamie sounded so authoritative and official, and all she could think was, wow. Patiently, she waited until Jamie returned with a smile on his face. "What was all that about?"

"Nothing. Just a fuss over nothing," Jamie said.

"I see." Sophie grinned as she got to her feet and unfastened the buttons of her coat. She teased the heavy material from her shoulder, revealing the red strap of her bra. "So, now you have me all to yourself again, what will you do with me?" She stepped forward and delicately ran her fingers up and down the zipper of Jamie's pants. The lights flickered overhead and they both looked upward. "What was that?"

Jamie wrapped his hands around Sophie's waist and pulled her close. "Nothing," he said and kissed her.

Sophie smiled into the kiss and threaded her fingers through the back of his hair, pulling him close. "You due a break?" she whispered in his ear, catching her bottom lip in between her teeth as he nipped and kissed a line down her neck and across her shoulder.

"God yes," he muttered against her heated skin and slowly edged her back across the lobby.

She glanced over her shoulder to the door clearly marked staff and then returned her attention to Jamie's kisses and touches. Among the exhilarating sensations, her gaze fell briefly on the front desk and the small, flashing, red light beside the telephone. Her curiosity didn't get the chance to develop beyond the fleeting look as Jamie's hand slid inside her coat and cupped her breast. She groaned as he moved his hand beneath the fur edge and teased the hard edge of her nipple. The lights flickered again as did the spark of desire within her as they moved into the staff restroom.

Red light? What red light?

Part 3

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