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Christmas Blog Story Plus Competition

December is here and though I can hardly believe another year has gone, I have to say this is one of my favourite times of year. I love the smell and the lighting, the freshness, and of course the excitement of the holiday, of food and gifts and most importantly family.

Join me throughout the month for a series of holiday related posts, including a new twelve part blog story set on Christmas Eve night, around one building, twelve characters, and six relationships - some lovers, some friends, and some family.

Parts 1 and 2 - Jamie and Sophie

"I miss you."

Me too. Jamie Edison looked longingly at his cell phone as he watched the video clip of his girlfriend for the third time that evening. It was a couple of minutes before midnight and all he wanted was to be home with her. 

"Shall I unwrap your present?" Sophie said in a low sensual voice as she swayed her hips across his screen.

Yes please.

Her blonde hair was swept back from her perfectly made up face—bright red lipstick and dusky gray eyes. As the camera panned, he could make out the dark pencil skirt he loved her to wear. The cut of her clothes accentuated her slim figure and pert ass, and it was more than just a fantasy of banging the sexy office secretary. Sophie Malloy would be waiting in their bed for him when he got home. She was his, all his, and he felt like the luckiest man in the whole fucking world. A few more hours and he could slip into bed beside her and it would be Christmas morning—their first of many.

The video blurred as she turned her cell around and pointed it toward the long mirrors in their bedroom. Sure he'd watched the clip twice already, but just knowing she was thinking of him made the sad reality of six more hours manning the front desk on a cold Christmas Eve halfway to bearable. In the last four hours, several residents of the fifteen story high-rise had come and gone, probably off visiting family or had a fancy party to go to. Not him. He had a ten hour shift sitting behind the oversized desk with an of course I want to be here smile stretched across his face.

"Santa Baby…"

Checking the lobby and the doors, Jamie slid a little lower in his seat and watched Sophie slowly unbutton her silver silk blouse as she sang. God love her, she couldn't sing for shit, but he didn't care, she looked beyond sexy. He rested his hand over the front of his pants and felt the growing bulge beneath the material. Raising his eyes, he looked between the two cameras covering the entrance of the building and then down at his security screens. He eyed the feed from the front desk and watched himself scratch the back of his neck. There was a clear view of his head and shoulders.


Jamie slowly moved his hand to the waistband of his pants. Keeping his focus straight ahead, he did his best to look normal, or at the very least, not look like he was playing with his dick. He glanced down as he heard another line of the sexy Christmas song and watched as Sophie discarded her blouse to reveal a fur-edged red bra. He admired her rounded cleavage as she stepped back and sat on the end of the bed.

Christ. He closed his hand around his erection, sweeping his thumb over the head of his dick and smearing the bead of pre-cum.

Oh, Sophie. He gave a gentle tug of his dick as she spread her legs, panty-less as she slid her hand up her thigh and—

Jamie snatched back his hand faster than he thought possible as the glass doors slid open. His heart pounded in his ears, tension spread through his chest, and he guessed his face was now a few shades paler. Fumbling with his phone, he got to his feet and stared at the woman standing in the door. She was a vision of red—heels, coat, and lipstick.

Breathlessly, he watched as she walked forward. Her hips swayed seductively as she approached his desk and with a smile on her lips, she stopped in front of him. Leaning forward, she caught him by his tie and pulled him into a long, heated kiss, before releasing him and licking her lips.

Playing with the top button of her coat, Sophie said, "Merry Christmas."

Part 2 - Red 

Competition - CLOSED

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