Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Zombies! #1

My first full length novel is out on the 11th August. Dead Things is a contemporary romance story set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. I am a fan of the horror genre and I hope to write in either the universe of Dead Things again, or delve into other strands of horror - werewolves and vampires (of the NOT sparkly kind) are two of my faves, along with monster movies like Lake Placid, Piranha, Crocodile etc. And you have to love mutant mountain men. Two of my watch over and over movies are Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes (remake). Coming back to zombies, in the lead up to Dead Things release I wanted to share with you some of my particular favourites from the world of movies. Some are classic zombie flicks, some modern takes on the genre, and some that aren't zombies in the strictest sense, but are certainly stylized on them. So, ten days and ten favourites:-

1. Resident Evil.

Red Queen: You're all going to die down here.

The Resident Evil movies are a mixed bag for me. As a fan of the games, especially the second one, I was really excited about the release of the first movie. And though I know not everyone will think the same, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've loved Milla Jovovich ever since seeing her in The Fifth Element (multipass!) and Alice has been a great character for her. I love a lady that can kick ass and look good doing it. Michelle Rodriguez has also become a favourite of mine, and Rain was also a kick ass character. James Purefoy (be still my heart) and Eric Mabius (not bad) added a little eye candy for me, the soundtrack was heavy and rocking and yet damn creepy at times, and get the zombies up and roaming and moaning and I was squeeing like a little girl with the latest Barbie :P

Rain: All the people that were working here are dead.
Spence: Well, that isn't stopping them from walking around.

There's just something about reanimated corpses that is nicely creepy. Okay so one zombie grunting his way toward you might not be all that scary (depending on the zombie universe he's from - some amble, some are pretty spry for dead guys), but the damn things lurk in dark corners, and get them in a pack and you're kinda screwed. I love gore - intestines being pulled from stomachs. I love jumps and scares and atmospheric scenes. Resident Evil was a nice update on the genre and something a bit different to the many B-movies that continue to come out. It was a great start to the series of movies - action, a zombie virus and an explanation of its origin, strong and capable lead characters, zombie dogs, mutated zombie beasties, and the movie pulled in some of the elements of the games that made them so awesome.

J.D.: I shot her five times. How was she still standing?
Rain: Bitch isn't standing now.

I really love this film. The character of Alice in her original form was perhaps my favourite version of her throughout the movies. I have enjoyed the sequels to the film, mostly - 2 fell a little short, 3 got better, and 4 built on that (maybe it was Wentworth Miller that helped, oh and the 3D lol, or more likely the return of Alice as I wished she'd been all the way through *whispers* normal) I think in the end, when it comes down to it, I just bloody love zombies. I think they are perhaps a guilty pleasure as I have seen some downright terrible movies over the years (I have the Horror Channel on Sky lol) but I just can't help but watch LOL.


  1. Love the Resident Evil games and films, but my fave has to be the Silent Hill games....they terrify me!

    Oh and love zombies, what sort do you have in your book? fast or slow?

    1. Ohh I loved Silent Hill - though I never did finish it LOL

      I went with the start slow and if get going (assuming they're not dropping apart already) they can move rather fast LOL

  2. I lurve zombies. My son wants to be a special effects make up artist when he grows up so he can create his own! Which is a step up from the Green Power Ranger!

    I quite like the Resident Evil films. Some were hit and miss. I love Dawn of the Dead and all the classics and I have seen some dire ones too. My brother made me sit through every slasher/horror flick in the eighties (I think he was just too much of a wuss to watch them by himself).

    I can wait to read Dead Things.

    1. Oh wow, being a makeup artist would be so cool but OMG the Green Power Ranger, Tommy \o/.

      I'm quite looking forward to the next movie for the Leon character - however, some bits I've read about I'm not so sure. Will have to wait and see :) x