Monday, 6 August 2012

Zombies! #6

6. Doom

Again, not technically zombies, but certain people die, come back, turn into violent, munching monsters so I'm taking it. Plus it is an awesome excuse to appreciate the awesomeness of one Mr Karl Urban.

The things I like about Doom:

1. Karl Urban. You never saw that one coming did ya?  I love the character in this, John 'Reaper' Grimm. Yes he's a soldier that shoots stuff, but he has history and background stuff that creates angst and misery and conflict, which is all very yummy.

John Grimm: If I turn into one of those demons, shoot me. One in the heart and one in the head, and don't you hesitate.

2. The Rock or Dwayne Johnson because he's a proper actor now, you know. I really, really like his movies. I'm not sure if I should, but I do. And oh lordy that body. Ahem. Anyway, I think he's great in this as Sarge, the guy in charge and I love the slightly psycho edge to his personality :) All very cool.

Sarge: Eliminate the threat.
The Kid: What threat?
Duke: It goes like this see, if it's trying kill ya. It's a threat

3. The brother and sister relationship. Much like I have in Dead Things, there is a great brother and sister relationship in this movie. Strained at times (particularly in the beginning as they reunite after some time apart) but also incredibly supportive and protective, and even though Reaper is the big bad bro soldier, Sam looks out for him just as much as he looks out for her.

Samantha Grimm: So, "Reaper"? As in "Grim"?
John Grimm: They're Marines, Sam, not poets.

4. Those action one liners. You know the ones. Those awesome lines that make you chuckle as the big tough action hero puts down the bad guys.

5. The fact even soldiers stuck on a scary planet with creepy-ass monsters still have needs.

Corporal Dean Portman: I gotta take a dump.
Destroyer: What? Now?
Corporal Dean Portman: Unless you want me shitting my pants right here.

6. It is the ultimate guilty pleasure. I particularly enjoyed the scene that was a shout out to the original game and the feel of that. Sure the plot is flimsy, but who cares. We have monsters, soldiers, action, humour, good and evil, and human emotions and mistakes. I really love this film and have watched it so many times I have lost count. Not quite zombies, but the feel of it, the tension, the scares, people dying and coming back as messed up monsters, it has a lot in common in that sense - plus after a google, it seems it has made it onto a couple of zombie movie lists *nods* And if nothing has Karl Urban, The Rock and, for any British kids of the 80s/early 90s out there, Dexter Fletcher - Press Gang anyone? Or for zombie buffs, he stared in the not-so-great zombie movie, Autumn.


  1. No mention of Star Trek?

    It was like he was channeling the spirit of Deforest Kelly in that film!

    But the one thing that has got me REALLY excited is the new Judge Dredd movie.....I think he will be absolutely awesome in that!

    1. Don't remember there being zombies in that :P He was an excellent McCoy and I am really looking forward to the new Dredd. I do have a soft spot for Stallone's movie, but I'm seriously hoping this new one will do Dredd justice ;)

  2. I have to say that Stallone's Dredd was awful the film looked amazing, they really got the look and feel of Mega City One , and the Angel Gang were straight from the comic book.

    1. Yeah, it definately did some bits well :) But hopefully Mr Urban can give us a better Dredd himself LOL